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SHINee: this post is an experiment, part 2

More WIPs - this is supposed to inspire me to finish or enable me to let them drop. Not sure if it's worked.

Title: It hasn't got one. it's "shinee kidfic" in the files.
Focus: Tiny Jinki
Rating: Oh so very G

"Class, this is Lee Jinki. He's just moved to town. Try to make him feel welcome. Now, Jinki, you just take that open seat there, next to Jonghyun. And try not to let him distract you, he's got the attention span of a puppy."

"Hi!" Jonghyun said brightly. "Nice ta meetcha!"

"Nice to meet you," Mr Cho corrected.

"Nice to meet you," Jinki mimicked. "I'm Lee Jinki."

"Kim Jonghyun."

"Why are you still using the 3rd year books?" Jinki asked.

"Because we're still in 3rd grade? Gimme a break, Jinki, we only started yesterday." Three weeks ago, really, but it was practically yesterday, anyway.

"Third grade?"

"Um, yeah."

Jinki frowned. There must be a reason the vice-principal had put him in with the 3rd graders. Sure, he'd been top of the class at his own school, but maybe the courses were harder here.

"Jinki, where did you go?"


"No, I'm Jonghyun."

"Jinki-hyung." Jinki pointed to his chest with his thumb. "I'm older than you."

"Since when?"

"Since I was born," Jinki sighed. "That's how it works."

"So they put you in the wrong class?"

"Uh huh," Jinki nodded. "I'm in Miss Shin's class."

"Oh," Jonghyun frowned, pressing his lips together and scrunching up his nose. "Well, it's okay. I'll still be your friend."

"Wait, what?"

"See you later, Jinki!"

"Hyung, hyung, come sit with us," Jonghyun patted the ground next to him. He scooted to the side, and there was just enough room for Jinki to wedge himself in between him and Junhyung, a boy in Jinki's own class who so far hadn't said much.

"Hi, Junhyung," Jinki said politely.

"Hi," Junhyung blurted, all seriousness and hard stares. "You're new."

"Junhyung-hyung," Jonghyun said, and stopped to laugh. Jinki suspected he liked calling Junhyung "hyung" just for the repetition. "Junhyung-hyung," he smothered a laugh with his hand, "Jinki-hyung was new two weeks ago. now he's not new."

"I'm not?" Jinki asked. Everything still felt pretty new to him.

"Nope. Okay, look, have you played this game before?"

Jinki stared at the scratchings in the dirt. They didn't look like anything in particular; a circle here, lots of lines that were mostly straight but sort of veered off and weren't exactly parallel, and some cross-hatching.


"Good, because I just made it up. Okay, lemme tell you the rules."

They spent the rest of their lunch break discussing the finer points of Jonghyun's version of playing in the dirt, and it took Jinki all of the afternoon classes to get the dirt out from under his fingernails.

Jinki was starting to dread art class. He dragged his feet with such force that he was sure he'd leave ruts if the school had dirt floors. It didn't, even though it was in the country and it'd probably be easier in the long run if they stopped trying to keep the floors clean. One hundred and forty children running around a dirt playground several times a day versus one hunched grandmother with a broom. Jinki couldn't believe she hadn't just given up yet. He would. He hated sweeping.

Art class, though, he hated that almost as much. Well, he wasn't sure he hated it, it was just that it was a double class, and Jonghyun's class had art at the same time. Even though he'd moved here two months ago (and one week and four days), Jonghyun still regarded Jinki as new, and as his special charge.

("Jonghyun, why are you following me?"

"I don't want you to get lost."

"It's the hallway. I can't get lost. There's only two ways to go - that way, and back the other way."

"There are lots of doors."

"I'm going to the bathroom, Jonghyun."

"Oh, good, I kind of have to pee."

"Aren't you supposed to be in class right now?"

"Mr. Cho won't mind. He told me to look after you."

"Two months ago."

"I have a good memory.")

So in art, whether they were coloring flags or making masks or putting together paper mache globes, Jonghyun was always at his side, translating the art teacher's instructions.

("She said we needed to cut out the eyes."

"I am cutting out the eyes."

"Eyes aren't shaped like that."

"Mine are."

Jonghyun stared at his eyes for a full seventeen and a half seconds. "No they're not."

"Go away, Jonghyun."

"What would you do without me?"

"Probably the same thing I'm doing now."

"Then I might as well stay.")

Title: SHINee's Grand Adventure
Focus: bandfic, possibly Jonghyun-centric?
Rating: G
So, this one takes a bit of explaining. For some reason I was thinking about SHINee and Winnie the Pooh and then:

me: Okay so if SHINee were the cast of Winnie the Pooh, I think Jinki would be Christopher Robin because he's sort of the oldest and nominally in charge but really he loves everyone and is very indulgent and Kibum would probably be Rabbit because he knows a lot and is kind of bossy and Minho would be Tigger or Eeyore depending on the day because sometimes he's bouncy and :D and he used to be quiet and Jonghyun would be Pooh because he's sweet and sometimes brave but sometimes not and idk someone has to be Pooh and Taemin would be Roo because he's little but he knows what's what and he couldn't be Piglet because he's not afraid enough and he couldn't be Owl because he's not knowledge-y enough and I was running out of characters.
I just kept thinking winnie the pooh that WHOLE TIME and then I was like we need a SHINee Grand Adventure fic which is basically them goofing off and maybe pretending to go somewhere but really, they never went anywhere, they just marched about and Pooh complained about being hungry and then that happened

Yeah, it's okay, I'm not really sure, either. So then we have the beginnings to two road-trip fics:

Days off were a rare thing, and in principle Jonghyun wanted to make the most out of them, to cram as much not-work into them as he could manage without causing severe bodily harm to himself or others. In theory, this was always the plan, but it seldom went according to plan. Days off usually came after so many days "on" that he slept until his stomach woke him up, went to the kitchen to eat, shoved someone aside to make room for himself on the couch and slept through whatever movie they were watching, woke up enough for dinner, and then stayed up for a while before heading off to bed.

This time, Jonghyun decided, things would be different. In fact, to make up for so many missed opportunities, his next day off was not going to be an ordinary day of as much fun as his brain could handle before it short-circuited from sheer ecstacy. It was going to be epic.

Title: Road Trips are Paved with Good Intentions
Focus: Taemin-centric bandfic
Rating: G

It was Taemin's idea originally, but Jonghyun fixated on it like if they didn't go nothing would ever be good again, ever, and he was ultimately blamed for it (which he said was unfair, but he was outvoted four to one every time he brought it up).

They had all piled into the van after a particularly exhausting outdoor concert and were making themselves comfortable using whatever was available - extra sweatshirts, backpacks, the person sitting in the next seat. The manager, who was also playing the part of driver, had wandered off to chat with some other managers while they waited for the parking lots to clear. No one wanted to be trapped in the middle of a traffic jam with screaming fans on every side.

"Hyung," Taemin said, nudging Jinki with his elbow. "You can drive now, right?"

Jinki managed a sleepy affirmative, then shifted ever so slightly to the left, trying to get out of elbow range.

"Jonghyun-hyung, you, too, right?" Taemin asked, leaning forward and poking Jonghyun in the neck, just below his left ear until he slapped a hand over the spot.

"Yes. So?"

"We should take a road trip, that's all," Taemin said. With that niggling thought out of his brain, he settled back to get some sleep, using Jinki's shoulder as a pillow.

The next day, they were rounded up and dumped into a practice room at what everyone generally agreed was an unkind, if not ungodly hour of the day. Even Taemin was ready for a break when the dance instructor got called away for an urgent phone call (clingy girlfriend, Taemin thought, from the way he rolled his eyes before answering the phone), and he settled happily in a corner. He was just wondering if he had time to go and find some snacks when Jonghyun plopped down in front of him.

"So. Taemin. About that road trip."

(and then presumably they decide to go, because this next bit is just before they leave)

"You know they have stores elsewhere in Korea, Jonghyun."

"But everything we like is here."

"I don't like those," Kibum says, pointing to a bag of chips.

"Taemin does," Jinki says automatically. "But I'm pretty sure they sell those . . . well, kind of everywhere."

"Taemin!" Jonghyun yells. "Come eat your chips. We need to make room in the van for people."

"If he eats everything we'll have an entirely different kind of problem," Kibum says, but he takes the bag and tosses it to Taemin.

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