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SHINee: au wip

(eventual) jongyu, college au
This one's been in the works since last spring or summer. I'm not ruling it out, but I'm not getting anywhere with it and I think it's been posted on the meme once already. Might as well put it here.

Backstory: Jinki is in college and a regular at the coffee shop where Jonghyun works. They've been hanging out outside of Jonghyun's work now, but they're not together.

He woke up with Jinki's arm hanging heavily over his arm, pinning him down, and Jinki's knees pushing against the backs of his thighs. He was warm, too warm, but Jinki had tucked himself in around Jonghyun, and he felt bad for keeping him up so many nights in a row. Too guilty to wake him, Jonghyun shifted slightly, kicking the blanket off his feet, and tried to go back to sleep.

He closed his eyes. His mind wandered. Did Jinki have anywhere to go, anything he had to do today? Sleeping out here in the living room, they wouldn't hear an alarm if Jinki had set one. Jonghyun didn't have anywhere to be with the shop closed for clean-up. He wondered if he should go in and help but reasoned he would be more help later, when they were setting up the cafe again. he wondered if they'd repaint. He supposed they'd probably have to. Maybe Jinki would come and help. He could bribe him away from his studies with promises of continuous fresh coffee, or tea if the new parts for the espresso machine hadn't arrived yet. He smiled at the thought of painting walls with Jinki. Jinki would probably drip paint on himself, because he seemed a little unaware of where his edges were, the way he bumped into things and tripped over the small step into the second room of the cafe, even though it had been there forever and--

No. Sleep.

Maybe he should call and ask if anyone expected him to show up. He was scheduled to work today. But no, Sanghyun had said he was closing the shop. If he'd wanted Jonghyun to come in anyway, he would have said.

No. Sleep, he told himself. Sleep.

He couldn't sleep. He tried not to think at all. After several impatient minutes, he decided to slip away and find something else to do. Maybe he would write. He was always good for writing in the morning, if he was awake to do it. As he tried to slide out from under Jinki's arm, Jinki jerked and moaned a quiet, sleepy protest into the back of Jonghyun's neck. His hand had been resting against Jonghyun's chest, but now Jinki's fingers curled around his wrist. Jonghyun froze.

Would Jinki think it strange that with the whole wide apartment, and admittedly, more than enough blankets to go around, even if the night had been cold, which it hadn't - that Jonghyun had chosen to curl up here, next to him? Would he remember that Jonghyun had been far away across the room, and realize that it had to be a deliberate choice, even if, as Jonghyun would tell it, it had been more the problem of being too tired to move away again once he'd covered him with the closest blanket?

Suddenly it was more than not wanting to disturb Jinki's sleep, it was fear that it would be awkward to wake and be next to each other, because while Jinki seemed to turn into a boy-shaped heat-seeker overnight, reaching for the nearest heat source and covering himself head to toe with blankets, Jonghyun had always preferred a cold room to sleep in, and a minimum of blankets. And the night had been warm; he'd had no need to seek out body heat. But then maybe he should try to move now, while Jinki was still at least half asleep, and might be too much asleep to remember Jonghyun's leaving.

Jinki rested his chin on Jonghyun's upper arm. "Morning. Do you want coffee? I want coffee."

Jonghyun looked at Jinki with wide eyes.

"Oh, sorry, were you still asleep? I thought I felt you moving," Jinki murmured. He ducked down, resting his forehead against Jonghyun's arm, a gesture of embarrassment that somehow felt affectionate, though Jonghyun squashed that thought as quickly as it formed. Jonghyun didn't let his hand move, the traitorous hand that tried to reach up and stroke Jinki's hair.

"I didn't mean to wake you," Jonghyun said. "I can start the coffee if you want a few more minutes' sleep."

"Mm, that'd be nice, actually," Jinki said, smiling over his shoulder. He gave Jonghyun's wrist a quick squeeze and dropped back down, pulling the edge of the blanket over his head.

"Okay." Jonghyun scooted carefully over, getting out from underneath the blanket before standing. He stretched, yawning. They hadn't closed the blinds and early morning sunlight was streaming in, highlighting the Jinki-shaped lump on the floor. He looked around. Their plates had made it to the kitchen, but their glasses and the two bottles of soju were still on the floor, clustered together like a conference of glass. The box of sour candies lay open on its side on the low table that they'd shoved up against the wall after dinner.

Jonghyun caught sight of the corner of his notebook, a blue triangle poking out from under the sofa, and snatched it up before going to the kitchen. He had to open most of the cupboards before he found the one where the coffee grounds were hidden.

He set up the coffee maker and flipped open the notebook on the counter, leaning over a blank page with pen poised, but all he could think about was sliding back under the blanket and pulling Jinki's arm back around himself.

He dropped the pen on the counter, smiling to himself when he heard it roll off and hit the floor, and went back to the living room to coax Jinki over and get a few more minutes' sleep while the coffee brewed.
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i really really love the visuals you used here. it sets up a very calm, serene and yet uncertain mood - like jonghyun's not sure that this is okay and yet wants it to be. this is absolutely gorgeous;;