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SHINee: pictures of you

pictures of you
jongho, g
based on jonghyun's twitter artistry
edited for redundancy

"Hyung," Minho says. He's been holding it in for hours - well, fourteen minutes, but minutes stretch when Jonghyun looks that pleased with himself. Call Minho paranoid, but that smile and the way he holds a hand protectively over the paper he's scribbling on add up to a Jonghyun that is up to no good. "Hyung," he says again, and his voice is clipped like he's annoyed, even though he really has no reason to be. Yet, a little voice adds in his head.

Jonghyun blinks and leaves his jaw behind when he looks up, glancing around before focusing on Minho.

"Close your mouth, hyung, you look like an idiot."

Jonghyun obediently snaps his jaw shut.

"What are you doing?" Minho asks.

Jonghyun chuckles and flips his paper over. He's been scribbling on the back of something while checking his phone.

Minho stands, intending to go and see for himself what's so damn amusing about a piece of paper, but Jonghyun crumples the paper up into a ball and shoves it into the bag that's sitting at his side and gives Minho a wide, toothy grin that has You are going to hate me in a few minutes written all over it.

Minho's phone beeps with a message. He's due for filming soon. He starts looking for his bag before he's even finished reading the text.

"Bye, Minho!" Jonghyun waves, still grinning.

"Fine," Minho says. "I don't even want to know."

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