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Belated Hiatus Notice & Request Post

Well. This is late. I was gone for a couple months! But now I'm back, and I'd like to get back into writing. Here's what we're doing:

1. 250-500 words, unless I like the idea enough to run with it.
2. SHINee only: gen, Jongyu, Onho, Jongho, maaaybe Onkey/Ontae.
3. Prompts: Be specific if you can. No song prompts unless you have an additional premise/plot idea to go with it. In fact, with any media prompts (images, gifs, songs), try to give me an additional prompt, i.e. "This gif of X teasing Y - write how Y gets back at X for the prank." or something.
4. Fics will be rated from G to approximately PG-13, but if you've been poking around here you'll already know this.

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