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SHINee: Request fic, Jongyu (untitled)

Jongyu, PG for swears, 515 words
untitled, (or that time I wrote about toenails)
First fic off my request post
Prompt: this, from Post Secret.

"Ugh, it's too hot," Jonghyun says. He thrashes around a bit, kicking at the blankets he's somehow gotten tangled around his legs in the five minutes since he said he was freezing to death and stole the blankets off of Jinki's bed. "Ow, fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck."


"Scratched myself with a toenail," Jonghyun says. "Look, they're so long." He pulls his left leg out of the blankets to show Jinki.

"Clip them," Jinki says, because it's the only logical response.

"No," Jonghyun says, pulling his knee in close to his chest to stare at his foot.

"Why not?"

"Don't like to." Jonghyun shrugs.

"But you just scratched yourself."

"You do it," he says, stretching his leg out again.


"Clip them for me," Jonghyun says.

"Okay," Jinki says, though he's really not sure that it is. It seems weird. But he stands up and gets the clippers that he's forgotten to return to the bathroom for the past three days, and he sits down across from Jonghyun and eyes his left foot. His right foot is still tangled in blankets.

"What?" Jonghyun asks after a few moments.

"It's the wrong way round," Jinki says. "Normally when I do this the foot is the other way. You know, because it's attached to me, not someone else."

Jonghyun laughs and scoots around until he's sitting next to Jinki and swings his leg into Jinki's lap. "There. Better?"

"A little," Jinki concedes, not because it's not better, but because it's still kind of weird. He pulls Jonghyun's leg toward him so he can reach better, and Jonghyun's knee knocks into his elbow. "You're getting in the way," he says without thinking.

"You're bad at this," Jonghyun laughs, hitting Jinki's shoulder. They adjust some more, and finally Jinki thinks he's just about got it, and leans close so he can see what he's doing.

"Damn, Jonghyun," he says, sitting back up.

"What? You haven't even done anything yet."

"Your feet stink, though."

"Shut up."

"They do. Do you ever shower?"

"I showered like an hour ago, you know I did," Jonghyun says.

"Your feet disagree."

Jonghyun pokes at his right calf. "Shit, I think I'm bleeding."

"You are," Jinki agrees. He reaches down and clips a toenail, because he said he would and there's not much else to do besides offer to get a bandaid for Jonghyun's leg, and he doesn't think he knows where the first aid kit is.

"It's crooked," Jonghyun says. "Fix it."

"Shut up," Jinki returns, and tries to fix it. He leans forward, and Jonghyun drapes himself over Jinki's back to watch over his shoulder. It feels intimate and comfortable and a little bit odd.

"Now do the other foot," Jonghyun demands when Jinki finishes. "So they're even."

Jinki nods, and tries to figure out how to ask Jonghyun not to tell the others about this without ensuring that he'll do exactly that.
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and here too bc yes

lol at your last sentence, i can just imagine jonghyun casually bringing up how jinki hyung loves him the most because he cut his toenails