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SHINee, misc. requests and drabbles

Still trying to get back in the habit. Turns out a day or two every few months is not enough to keep the writing skills from rusting.

decoration or declaration

"Let's go somewhere," Jonghyun says, stretching his arms up and out until he hits Jinki. It's the best way to find him in the dark.

"Like where," comes the sleepy reply.

"A museum," Jonghyun says, catching sight of a souvenir postcard Jinki has tacked onto the side of his bookshelf. "We'll go in and stay when they lock up and have an adventure and set off the security alarms."

"How will we hide from the guards?" Jinki asks. Jonghyun can tell he's feigning disinterest because of the way the sheets rustle under him as he turns toward Jonghyun.

"We'll pretend to be modern art," Jonghyun says. "I'll stand on a pedestal and you can be my worshipful admirer. It'll be a statement on . . ." He trails off, too tired to really think of anything to declare to the world as fake statues.

Jinki's yawn rumbles close to his ear, and his knee knocks into Jonghyun's thigh as he scoots closer. "Okay," he says through another yawn. "We'll need a plaque, though."

Jonghyun smiles into the dark.


Jonghyun walks into the laundry room and backs straight out again. Minho is the first person he sees. "Minho, what is Jinki doing?"

Minho puts his hands up in overdramatic defense. "I told him to call the manager, but he said he could fix it."

"Why is he trying to fix the washing machine? Is it broken?" Jonghyun realizes before it's completely out of his mouth that it's a stupid question. Even in Jinki's more extreme 'try to pretend to be a normal human being moments' he's never tried to fix something that didn't need it.

Minho nods. "It's leaking. He's trying to find where from."

Jonghyun purses his lips and nods. "Okay."

Marching purposefully into the laundry room, he grabs Jinki's ankles and drags him into the hall before he has a chance to register who or what is happening. He gets a somewhat strangled yelp and a "Who the-- why the-- Jonghyun!" for his pains, but he stands over Jinki with the most severe look he can muster.

"You don't have to fix it," he says. "There are people who know what to do and we can call them."

Jinki has dust on his shirt and a smear of wet dirt or grease on his cheek. His shirt is wet in patches and he looks upset, but Jonghyun's hoping it's all directed at inanimate objects, not at him. "I'll call the manager," he says more gently. "He'll know what to do about it."

Jinki just stares at him.

"Come on," Jonghyun says, extending a hand to help Jinki up. "Go shower. You're all wet." He pauses for a moment. "Get wetter," he adds. "And then dryer."

Jinki chuckles at this, and takes Jonghyun's hand.

Meet me on the Roof (ontae)

Taemin texts the same thing three times in a row, but it takes Jinki an extra minute to work out that it's the same thing he always used to say when he wanted Jinki to hide on the roof with him for a while. They don't have access to the roof in this hotel, so he checks all the places he can see the most sky: the big window in the manager's room, the balcony on the floor with the conference halls and ballroom, the outdoor pool. He doesn't get it until he gets one more text:

I can pick locks now.

Thieves (jongyu)

All their moments are stolen: between fittings and stylings, in the car or in the green room, after dark or just before dawn. Jonghyun sometimes thinks it feels like his every free moment revolves around Jinki, but he doesn't mind, even when they're doing nothing.

Especially when they're doing 'nothing.'

Please excuse this one, I was half asleep

it's hot
onjongho for anon + taemin who was not supposed to be here but is
Taemin's the first to actually fling a chunk of watermelon, but the competition over who can shoot space rays (known on earth as watermelon seeds) the furthest up the wall and make them stick is Minho's idea.
It's unfinished but I need to sleep and I didn't want to let this run into the next part or be that anon that always goes "I'll write it! me me me!" and then promptly disappears. I'll try to wrangle something better out of your prompt after I sleep, I promise.

"It's hot," Jonghyun mumbles, mostly to himself.

Minho turns his head slowly, giving him a Look and Jinki doesn't even need to look up to know what he's contemplating. He says, "It'd be too much effort to kill him, Minho. Just ignore him."

Jonghyun grins and snaps a picture of Minho glaring. "If you're not nice, I'll put that on twitter."

"We know it's hot, okay? Seriously," Minho says, dropping his head back to stare at the air conditioner instead. It won't take pictures of him sweaty and miserable. It might even work if he stares hard enough.

The door slams and one of Taemin's shoes hits the wall as he kicks them off. "Damn!"

"We know!" Minho, Jonghyun, and Jinki snap, yell, and mutter. "It's hot."

There's a muffled snicker and Jinki looks up from his book, just to make sure it's still too hot to think about killing anyone. Minho's got his eyes closed, though, so apparently Taemin is ignored when Jonghyun would be threatened. Unofficial diplomatic immunity seems to be one of the many perks of being the magnae.

"I brought the stuff for patbingsu, guys," Taemin calls. "Come help."

Minho's the first off the couch, with Jonghyun a close second. Jinki finishes his paragraph and leaves a pen between the pages to mark his place. "This can only go well," he thinks, but patbingsu sounds great. He was almost contemplating the logistics of trying to fold himself into the refrigerator.

Jinki pauses at the threshold and watches the other boys unload the bags. There's ice that goes into the freezer until they're ready for it, cans of red beans, a bag of sweet rice cakes, cereal, fruit. Jonghyun grabs a knife from the stand and attacks the watermelon, slicing it right where it sits on the table. Juice drips, and the knife leaves a record of its work on the tabletop. Minho starts peeling kiwi next to the sink, letting the peels fall where they may, as long as it's not into the bowl he's using to hold the pieces of fruit. Taemin takes a banana and wanders out to "put my stuff away," and presumably wait for all the work to be done.

"Quit daydreaming and help, Jinki," Jonghyun says over his shoulder, and Jinki shoves off from where he was leaning and starts searching for the can opener.

They decide to forgo individual bowls and dump everything into one big mixing bowl. Only a little ice 'accidentally' ends up down the back of Minho's shirt and most of the watermelon lands on the table or on the plate it's aimed at. When they're done, it's a satisfyingly large, messy mound of ice, fruit, milk, and sweets and looks like the downfall of all their diets.

Jonghyun snaps a picture with a mumbled, "Twitter," and then they dig in.

Four quick bites and Jinki says, "I think my body's going into shock. Temperature confusion."

Jonghyun laughs. "Brain freeze?"

Jinki grimaces and nods. "Mhm."

Minho pats him with his spare hand, and scoops up another piece of watermelon. "It's so cold," he says, in a tone of utter bliss.

Taemin wanders back in and grabs a spoon. He glances at the floor as he reaches the table. "What did I just step in?"

Jonghyun glances down. "Watermelon juice, I think."

Taemin grimaces and peels off his sock. It lands next to the discarded grocery bags.

The cold treat seeps into them, thawing their bad moods. Jinki babbles about the book he's reading, only really articulating half sentences before he grabs another bowl and more ice to make a point about Saturn's rings. He makes a mound to represent the planet and starts digging with his spoon to show where the Cassini division is and Jongyun can't resist so he turns his spoon into an alien spaceship and attacks.

"Aliens!" Jinki mock-gasps. He freezes as if thinking over his next line and Taemin leaps into the gap, flinging the piece of watermelon on his spoon, hitting the side of Jinki's bowl and ricocheting into one of the inner rings.

"We come to you live from the site of the Saturn's moon - Cassini?"

"No, that's the NASA space vehicle. Mimas?" Jinki prompts. It's the only one he can remember how to pronounce.

"Mimas moon landings," Minho continues, pitching his voice low and serious. "The aliens appear to be from-"

"Mars," Jonghyun says in a high pitched whine.

Minho cracks a little, biting down a laugh. "Mars," he tries to continue. "They've landed and-"

"Mars?" Jinki interrupts. "Why would they go further out? Earth's right there!" He points with his spoon. "I mean, there. I mean. Which way is Earth from here?"

Taemin flips the remaining half watermelon over in the middle of the table. "Here's the sun!" he says.

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