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SHINee: scientists au.

Proceed with Caution
Inspired by a short article in last week's New Scientist about "smart carpet" that could know your footsteps, be aware of mobility problems, and even warn for intruders. Written on twitter and typed up here. Currently short, aiming high and long. I'm still building the world and story in my head, but here's an intro.

"Watch your step," Jinki warns, grabbing Jonghyun by the elbow and tugging him back. His foot hovers above the carpet.

"Why?" Jonghyun considers touching the carpet lightly, maybe just one toe. Jinki's still got a hand on his arm, though, so he puts his foot down on the tile instead.

"It doesn't know your footprint," Jinki says. There are several coats hanging on the wall next to the door, and Jinki shoves one of them aside to reveal a small panel in the wall. He presses the upper-right corner and the panel releases, swinging outward. "I need to tell it you're here," he says. "And allowed to be."

Jonghyun takes an involuntary step back, brushing against the door. He'd heard Jinki had home-tested a lot of his department's work, but this was like something out of a science fiction novel.

"It's okay," Jinki assures him. "Step there - no, there," he says, with added emphasis as he leans over and nudges Jonghyun to his right. He keeps a finger on a button in the panel the whole time, only releasing it after a series of beeps. "Okay, you're ready," he says.

Jonghyun smiles nervously. Ready? Maybe. "Um, no robots waiting to hurt me, right?"

Jinki gives him a slightly confused look, as though everything in his world right now is completely normal. "No," he says, and Jonghyun takes a step further into the apartment.

"Well," Jinki adds, and Jonghyun leaps two steps back.

"Maybe in the kitchen."

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