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SHINee: drabble challenge: formal

formal, jongyu
Poooooossibly a meeting for the scientists au? I've tagged it, but I'll untag it if it turns out to be something independent. Can be read alone, anyway.
Mostly a counter-attack against [ profile] jarnscye's sad thing and a perhaps belated birthday wish to [ profile] jonghyun, whose birthday it is, or was.

Jonghyun is playing a formal dinner, and Jinki is attending. AU.

Jonghyun doesn't usually play events like this. He's always been happy to avoid the black suits with black ties, stuffy idiots making jokes that aren't funny, and subdued, polite laughter while they wait for the next professor or program director or "friend of the department." He hates the music they've been asked to play, and hates that there's nothing to do but listen to these endless speeches between sets. He's explored all there is of the backstage in this banquet hall - covered it in less than a minute, actually - so he waits, impatient and inexplicably annoyed at this whole organization of science geeks. He wouldn't even be here if that dirtbag Jung hadn't closed shop and run out without paying him. Jonghyun had done two whole months of guitar lessons and what did he have to show for it? Nothing.

"Oh, sorry, didn't see you," someone whispers as he bumps into Jonghyun from behind. "It's so dark back here."

Jonghyun turns, glancing at his guest's feet first, remembering that he'd left his cords in a tangle when he'd been hurried off the stage just before the marathon of spoken word had started. "Careful, there's -"

He doesn't even think, just suddenly realizes his hands are around this guy's waist and he himself is half tackled, and he struggles to direct this guy so that he can free himself. "No, just lift your foot-"

"I'm not going to break anything, right? It's just wires?" the guy asks anxiously. "The instruments are in their cases, right?"

"It's fine," Jonghyun says. "I think they took everything with them. Not enough space back here."

"Oh. Sorry, um," the guy says. "Can you help? Whichever way I move, the cords get tighter." He sounds a little distressed, so Jonghyun pats his upper arm awkwardly.

"Don't worry, just. Here." He pushes and prods him and waits for him to just stand still. Then he ducks down to unwind the cords. "Hold still," he whispers, slapping a knee in annoyance when the guy tries to move.

"But - that was my cue," he says, sounding a little forlorn. "I'm supposed to go and wrap things up."

"The speeches are over?" Jonghyun asks. "Fucking finally."

The guy laughs. "I know. These guys go on forever. They don't need the black tie stuff as an excuse, either. Morning meetings can last til after lunch if we invite the director to attend."

Jonghyun chuckles. "I'm Kim Jonghyun," he says.

"Lee Jinki," the guy answers immediately. "Thank you," he adds, as he steps out of the loops of cords.

"Sure," Jonghyun shrugs, standing up. "Go knock 'em dead."

He can just see Jinki's wide eyes in the dark. "Don't say that. Some of these guys are really old."

Jonghyun barely manages to stifle his laugh with a fist, and Jinki gives a little wave as he steps into the stage lights to tell everyone that the speeches are over, and it's time for dinner and a little more music. Or something like that. Jonghyun would have to confess he isn't really listening, because he's too busy programming his number and directions to his favorite coffee shop into the phone that Jinki dropped. He sets a reminder for tomorrow.

He can't help grinning as he passes the phone to Jinki when he steps off the stage. He doesn't stop though, he's supposed to get set up again quickly. He just grabs his cords and heads back onstage. The rest of the hired band filter on, and while he's adjusting the mic stand, Jonghyun looks for Jinki in the crowd.

The next day, Jonghyun's waiting at the cafe when his phone vibrates on the table.

Received: 5:30
How do I have your number?

Jonghyun smiles. It had slipped his mind the night before to save Jinki's number for himself, so he saves it to his contact list. While he's doing that, he gets another text.

Received: 5:31
Did I forget something?

Sent: 5:31
You forgot to set a lock on your phone ;)

Sent: 5:32
Are you coming?

Jonghyun doesn't let his screen go dark while he waits for a reply. It's a long minute and a half, but finally Jinki sends a message back. Is this a date? it reads. Jonghyun sets his phone down and immediately picks it up again. He types in, It isn't until you get here, and the shop door opens. It's Jinki, phone in hand.

Jonghyun stands up and waves him over. "Hi."

"Hi," Jinki smiles. "Um."

Jonghyun feels his facial muscles freeze. "Um? Um, I'm not interested, um?"

"No!" Jinki exclaims, and the ladies at the next table glance over. Jinki sits. Jonghyun sits. "Um. Hi."

Jonghyun laughs at the awkwardness of the situation. "Hi. Let's order drinks."