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SHINee: drabble challenge: sunset.

Sunset, ontae
Very quickly written, but all I have time for today.
(Who else read the Singles interview and then really wanted Onew-centric fic? This is not it.)
Jinki goes, Taemin follows.

They get home before the sun sets, and Taemin hasn't finished taking off his shoes and changing into a more comfortable pair of pants before Jinki's out the door again. Taemin comes into the living room just as the front door clicks shut. He looks at Jonghyun, splayed out on the couch with a wriggly Roo sitting on his stomach, but Jonghyun just shrugs.

"He didn't say where he was going." It's not a question, because he knows the answer.

"No. Go on, we've got nothing until tomorrow."

Taemin nods, slipping his toes into his shoes and grabbing the nearest hoodie. It's Minho's, he thinks. He's the only one who rips the collars a little at the front, loosing it. The elevator's gone when he reaches it, giving Taemin time to pull his shoes more fully on and to slip the sweatshirt over his head. He hasn't got money, just his phone. He sends a quick text, Wait, but receives no reply.

He hurries out of the elevator when it hits the first floor, already trying to guess which direction Jinki might have taken, but he's there, waiting just outside the doors.

"You said to wait," he says to Taemin's questioning look. Taemin smiles a thank you, and they walk together, turning left, toward the river.

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