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SHINee: drabble challenge: accusation

accusation, jongyu
A bit directionless. Involves one-sided drinking.

"I know it was you, so don't pretend it wasn't," Jinki slurs, and Jonghyun looks up with a start. It's not like he makes it a habit to track how much Jinki drinks, but it usually takes him a couple bottles to start slurring, and a couple more to start making random accusations.

"How much have you-" he starts, but stops and just counts. One, two, and he knows the waitress has taken the other empties away. "Whatever, you're cut off."

Jinki pushes himself off the wall he's been leaning against with an indignant, "Hey!"

"No, seriously. I'm not carrying your drunk ass home." Jonghyun knows he's being a bit of a jerk, but he wanted to hang out with Jinki, not drunk-Jinki, who are always slightly and sometimes drastically different people.

"Then what's the point of your gymming all the time?" Jinki asks sulkily, turning so he can put his back up against the wall. He makes a noise of discomfort. "The wall's cold."


"Are you still hungry?" Jinki asks, squinting a little. "We can order more." He fumbles for the button on the table, but Jonghyun catches his hand.

"I'm not. Are you - are you done?" he asks.

"Yeah. Let's sit here for a bit, though," Jinki says, when Jonghyun moves to stand. "I think that last glass hit me pretty hard."

"Okay," Jonghyun agrees. "Do you want coffee?"

"No, never helps any," Jinki says. "Just water." Jonghyun obediently pours him more. Jinki mumbles a thanks against the glass. "Wish you'd drink more," he says. Jonghyun pours himself some water. "No, I mean I wish you'd get drunk with me for once."

And I wish you'd stay sober with me for once, Jonghyun thinks, but he stares at the menu and sips his water and doesn't say anything.

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