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SHINee: Haunting, jongyu

Haunting, jongyu
pg, based on this comic, from
For [personal profile] kordella, who wanted it.

Jinki woke - hazily, blearily, and probably only halfway. A boy of about his age was kneeling next to the bed, one finger poised to poke his cheek - again, Jinki's mind added. He reached up and scrubbed at his cheek. It burned with cold, as if someone had held something colder than ice against it.

"Hi," the boy whispered, sounding raspy and anxious.

Jinki yawned at him.

"Well, um. Please don't be too harsh on me, it's my first time. And, well," the boy sat back on his heels. "You're supposed to be more awake and scared by now. It's okay."

Jinki yawned and sat up. "Hello?"

"Hi!" the boy responded brightly. His face fell, and he shook his head. "I mean. Um. Hello, mortal being. Or something," he said, looking troubled. An idea struck him, and he asked, "What would you like to be called? Mortal? Human? Which is scarier?"

"Well, um, mortal, I guess, because it implies that you're not?" Jinki suggested.

"Right," the boy nodded. Jinki could see his digital clock faintly through the boy's torso. It looked like 1 a.m., but he couldn't be sure. Definitely into single digit morning hours.

There was an awkward pause.

"Do you want to borrow a sheet or something?" Jinki asked. "I have white ones in the closet."

"Nah, that's okay," the boy said. "Sheets went out of fashion ages ago. Long hair and white dresses are in for girls, but boys can kind of do what they want."

Jinki nodded, fighting back another yawn. "When did you die?" he asked.

The boy shrugged. "I don't know. Not long ago, I think. But they said time runs differently for us so maybe it's been a while."

"What's it like?" Jinki whispered.

"Cold," the boy said immediately.

Jinki slipped out of bed and padded past him. His mother had sent him more winter gear, convinced that if she didn't send it to him he just wouldn't have it, because it wasn't like there were stores in Seoul, or anything. His fingers found the scarf first.

The boy turned around but stayed on the floor, shifting into a seated position. "What are you doing?"

"Here," Jinki said, attempted to drape the scarf around the boy's neck. It slipped off him like water, pooling at his feet. "Hm." He tried again, moving faster this time, hoping to beat gravity or whatever it was that was outfoxing him. No luck.

The boy smiled. "I can sort of feel it. It's soft, isn't it?"

"Mhm," Jinki nodded. "Stand up?"

The boy did.

"What's your name?" Jinki whispered, holding the scarf close to his chest.

"My name was Jonghyun," the boy replied. "I - I don't know whether it still is."

"Jonghyun," Jinki repeated. "That's a nice name. Do you want a scarf, Jonghyun?"

"Yes, please," Jonghyun said.

Jinki wrapped the scarf around Jonghyun's neck, once, twice, not letting go of the first end until he'd settled the scarf nicely. He let go gingerly, just as Jonghyun reached up to tangle his fingers with the tassels at one end. It stayed.

Jonghyun laughed. "I like haunting you. Can I come back?"

and then Jonghyun "haunts" Jinki almost exclusively but they mostly hang out and watch movies because Jonghyun isn't good at being scary at all.

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Omg, so cute. I'm super happy and excited to read more Jongyu and Onho from you!!! I love your writing. Please could you fill some of the awesome Onho prompts at jinkihyung?!?

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Aww, this is so cute! I've missed you and your fics. I was glad to see your post on SHINee Replay. T▽T I hope you write more! <3