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shinee: goodnight, jinki

goodnight, jinki
jongyu, pg
(written all in one go the first time. slightly edited, still lapslock because i don't care.)

jonghyun patted around the couch beside him as the credits started to roll. "where is the remote?" he asked aloud, when he couldn't find it by touch. he squinted in the dim light, now that the screen was mostly black.

"i think it's here," jinki said, yawning. he held the remote in front of him, as if he hadn't quite made the effort or the mental connection to give it to jonghyun.

jonghyun laughed quietly, taking the remote from jinki's loose grasp. he clicked the tv off.

"dvd's still going," jinki said, settling back into his corner of the couch.

"right," jonghyun muttered, and crawled over to the dvd player. he pushed every lit button until they all went dark, then turned back to where the couch was. it had gotten so much darker. "let's. it's time for bed, jinki."

"okay." jinki didn't move.

jonghyun walked on his knees back to the couch. he put his hands around the back of jinki's legs, which he'd pulled up to his chest, and tugged. "c'mon. bed."

"okay," jinki said again. "just - just gimme a minute. it's dark."

"that's not why you're not moving," jonghyun laughed. "i'm tired, too, c'mon."

jinki sighed heavily. there was a long pause, in which jonghyun was sure he could hear jinki thinking about moving.

"okay," jonghyun said, pushing himself to his feet. he grabbed for whatever bits of jinki were in reach - an elbow and a forearm - and pulled. "now."

"lskdjfsldkfj," jinki said. "dun wanna."

"let's go," jonghyun tugged harder, leaning back. jinki finally budged, falling forward and sliding off the couch. the change in leverage sent jonghyun toppling over onto his ass.

jinki moaned. "there are gentler ways to do this," he complained.

"i tried," jonghyun said. "you saw me try."

"not really. 's dark," jinki said.

jonghyun snorted. he could hardly suppress the urge to pull jinki in for a kiss, here. he was just so - jinki.

"i'm going to bed," he said instead. "you can stay here."

"or i could come too?" jinki asked. "i don't even have a blanket."

"i am not going to help you up," jonghyun said, getting to his feet.

there were scrabbling noises as jinki levered himself up, using the couch as support. "i think my feet went to sleep before me," he said. "traitors, both of them."

jonghyun smiled. "alright, come on." he slung an arm around jinki's waist. "this way."

they passed roo, who'd fallen asleep a few hours ago. "goodnight, roo," jonghyun said. roo lifted her head up when she heard her name, and gave them the same look she always had when she was woken unnecessarily. "say goodnight, jinki," he nudged.

"goodnight, jinki," jinki said. he rested his head on jonghyun's shoulder.

jonghyun just laughed, and pushed open the bedroom door.


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