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shinee: i miss jjongcub.

this doesn't even get an intro. messy restart behind the cut.

jjongcub part 2

Jinki woke up and looked around, wondering. He almost never woke up before his alarm. It was bright out. Was it Saturday? He looked at his phone. It was Wednesday, and it was past ten in the morning.


Jinki scrambled out of bed and lunged for the door. He needed to shower, he needed breakfast - maybe he'd just stop at the 7/11 for some kimbap - he needed to---

Something crashed into him, interrupting his thought process. He fell heavily to the floor, tackled to the ground by something as big as he was.

"Oh, it's you," Jonghyun smiled down at him. "Good morning!"

Jinki felt the blind terror at being attacked bleed away as he remembered. He was off work today, because a certain large cat had become distinctly less catlike and he was supposed to figure out what to do.

"Let's go hunting!" Jonghyun said, still grinning excitedly. "I'm so hungry I think I could eat half an antelope. Should we split one?"

"Jonghyun," Jinki moaned. "You don't even eat antelope at the zoo. We're in Seoul, not the savannah. Where do you expect me to find an antelope?"

"I," Jonghyun pulled back, sitting suddenly back like he sometimes did in lion form, falling back on his haunches abruptly. "I don't know. Where do you get food, then?" he asked, challenging.

"God, you're like a little kid," Jinki said, pushing himself up and heading to the bathroom.

"I am not! I'm like two and a half years old!" Jonghyun called after him.

"Then why aren't you a toddler?" Jinki muttered to himself.

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omg yes im so glad you continued this!!! please write more!! :)

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Same reaction. I'M REALLY GLAD YOU CONTINUED THIS!! I wish you'd post more! <33333