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shinee: oh, doctor

Oh, Doctor. onho g
this is just for practice. somehow i always forget how to do this.

"Oh, Doctor Really Tall, you're so tall," Minho whispers in Jinki's ear. "I just love how tall you are."

"Oh my god, this again," Jinki says, without taking his eyes from the flickering television. "Shush." He waves a hand vaguely at Minho's face, accidentally hitting his nose.

"Yes, I am," Minho continues, in a deeper tone. "Really, really tall."

"Shut up, I can't hear them when you do that," Jinki says, reaching up and hitting the side of Minho's head. Minho just takes this as a cue to lean further in, to rest his head against Jinki's. He slips an arm around Jinki's shoulder and settles into the couch. Jinki shifts in place. "There's lots of room on the couch, why are you trying to take my spot?"

"You were brilliant with that patient, Doctor Tall," Minho says, as the nurse comes back onto the screen.

"The patient died, Minho," Jinki says impatiently. "Seriously."

"You can't understand this anyway," Minho says. "You said they talk too fast. Oh, look, it's the guy with the glasses. I like this guy, he's funny."

"He's not funny, he's totally evil," Jinki says. "Look, he's been trying to seduce - you're not even listening."

Minho chuckles in his ear. "I like my version better."

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