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organized by pairing

  • Bubbly, PG
    Jonghyun wants to celebrate. Three short scenes involving music and champagne. 800 words.

  • Hear Your Smile, G
    Jonghyun is paying a little too much attention to Jinki's habits. 225 words.

  • Dinosaurs, G, kid!jongyu
    School playground scene. 250 words.

  • 300 Miles, G, lapslock
    "sure. or not. what's the exact center of the country? we'll go there if you don't want to get too close to the edge," jonghyun offered. 300 words.

  • Lies and How to Tell Them, PG
    "Okay, so he'll think I'm cute before he hates me." Jonghyun kicked a piece of glass across the floor. "I guess that's an improvement." 340 words.

  • How to Say No, PG ♥
    He's still learning things he thinks he should know by now, like how to say no, and how to say yes. And how to say yes, but no. No, but yes. 167 words.

  • Saturday Mornings, PG ♥
    Jonghyun notices he's awake, and with a satisfied sound climbs half atop Jinki, winding his arm around and draping his leg over Jinki's. 208 words.

  • Untitled College AU, PG-13 work-in-progress
    "Coffee," Jinki said, pressing a hot mug into Jonghyun's hands. He chuckled when Jonghyun's fingers failed to respond, and pressed them around the mug. "Got it?" 225 words.

  • Jjongcub, G - Zookeeper AU ♥
    "Oh!" he said, leaning closer to Jinki's face. "It is you! I wasn't sure, in the dark." And then he collapsed against Jinki again, arms snaking around Jinki's waist and head tucking in against his shoulder. "I looked for you everywhere." 2500 words.

  • Over the Stairs, PG-13 - Written for [ profile] shineebigbang
    Jinki meets Jonghyun. Again.
    "I don't mean to interrupt your thought processes here," the man who was possibly not Jonghyun said, "but who are you, and how did you get into my apartment?" 19,900 words.

  • Late Last Night, PG-13
    Jonghyun doesn't remember much about last night. A fic about the morning after, sort of. (College AU)3400 words.

  • Catastrophic Weather, PG-13 abandoned work-in-progress
    "Hey." Jonghyun smiled. Jinki looked different like this. Not the composed, polite, deferential Jinki - Onew - that Jonghyun thought he'd seen too much lately. This was Jinki relaxed, disheveled, and smiling at him like he'd gotten away with something. 630 words.

  • SHINee kidfic, G - Jongyu as kids, abandoned work-in-progress
    "Go away, Jonghyun."

    "What would you do without me?"

    "Probably the same thing I'm doing now."

    "Then I might as well stay." 780 words.

  • It's a mystery (an unsolved mystery), G
    Jinki looked at him, narrowing his eyes. "Giving up so easily?" he jabbed Jonghyun in the chest with a pen. "But where were you on the night of the murder?" 264 words.

  • Untitled coffee shop AU, PG (posted only at dreamwidth) ♥
    "Oh, sorry, were you still asleep? I thought I felt you moving," Jinki murmured. He ducked down, resting his forehead against Jonghyun's arm, a gesture of embarrassment that somehow felt affectionate, though Jonghyun squashed that thought as quickly as it formed. Jonghyun didn't let his hand move, the traitorous hand that tried to reach up and stroke Jinki's hair.

  • You and I, We Could Just Sit in the Dark, R vampire au
    Sitting this close he could hear Jinki's heart thumping in his chest, could practically feel the vibrations. He shifted. His thigh brushed Jinki's and Jinki's heart rate spiked for a moment or two. The thought of affecting that heartbeat was a new one, and Jonghyun sat a little taller. He'd long since given up the idea of confessing his feelings, but maybe, maybe. 6400 words.

  • Untitled (or that time I wrote about toenails), PG
    Jongyu toenail clipping fic. Probably not as weird as it sounds. 485 words.

  • Decoration or Declaration, G
    "Let's go somewhere," Jonghyun says, stretching his arms up and out until he hits Jinki. It's the best way to find him in the dark.

  • Leaks, G
    Sometimes you have to kick the things that aren't working. And sometimes you have to let it go and just call the repairman.

  • Proceed With Caution, PG, scientist au
    "Watch your step," Jinki warns, grabbing Jonghyun by the elbow and tugging him back. His foot hovers above the carpet.

    "Why?" Jonghyun considers touching the carpet lightly, maybe just one toe. Jinki's still got a hand on his arm, though, so he puts his foot down on the tile instead. 247 words.

  • Formal, PG
    An unofficial start to the possible scientist au.
    Jonghyun doesn't usually play events like this. He's always been happy to avoid the black suits with black ties, stuffy idiots making jokes that aren't funny, and subdued, polite laughter while they wait for the next professor or program director or "friend of the department." 800 words.

  • Onkey
  • Sleeping Arrangements, G
    Walking past the living room on his way for a glass of water, he noticed the glow of the television and saw Key slumped down on the couch, asleep. 428 words.

  • Steady [extended version], PG
    "I'll just go water the kitchen," Jinki said, abashed. He was three and a half steps down the hall before his brain registered the mistake and Kibum had already slipped up beside him. "I didn't mean that." 1250 words.
    *originally posted shorter version: here.

  • In Which Kibum Shocks Everyone, PG
    "This is going to be a problem," Kibum said, perching on the counter while Jinki brushed his teeth.

    "No, it's fine," Jinki said around his toothbrush. "You'll be right as rain in a little bit. You're just having a funny morning."

    "Maybe," Kibum said. He reached to smooth an errant hair on the back of Jinki's head and was startled to see he could make all of it stand up. "Um. Oops. That's weird."

    "That tingles, stop it," Jinki said mildly, batting his hand away. "Go bother Taemin."5361 words.

  • Untitled Drabble, G
    "You're such an idiot," Key says. It sounds weird because he can hear him through his left ear, but it kind of echoes through the phone as well. 242 words.

  • Onho
  • Untitled Drabble, G
    Inspired by a gif like this. 87 words.

  • Untitled, PG work-in-progress
    Several empty hallways later, he found a door propped open with a bit of wood. He let himself out carefully, nudging the wood back into place. Jinki stood near the edge of the awning at one of the side doors, looking a little lost. He hadn't seemed to notice Minho, even when he stubbed his toe on the door prop, so he cleared his throat. 262 words.

  • Pickpockets, G
    "Just give it to me, hyung," Minho says, stealing the card in a swift movement. He inserts the card quickly and even turns the handle, obviously expecting to succeed where Jinki had failed. Jinki thinks about maybe resenting this, but is mollified when the stubborn lock denies Minho as well. 800 words.

  • Kraken, G ♥
    Jinki was being strangled.

    He gasped for air, wrapped up in the tendrils of some great, green sea monster. He struggled and thrashed, but it only gripped tighter. 450 words.

  • What If We?, G
    Various drabbles, all involving Onho and "what if" questions. 1268 words (total).

  • Ontae
  • Chutes and Ladders, G
    Jinki looked around, taking in the brightly colored objects and the flat white that obscured the horizon. "Taemin, where are we?" 195 words.

  • Sunset, G
    "He didn't say where he was going." It's not a question, because he knows the answer.

    "No. Go on, we've got nothing until tomorrow." 218 words.

  • Jongkey
  • Cold Kisses, G
    "Can you hurry up?" Kibum asked. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm so cold I could snap my nose off." 210 words.

  • Jongho
  • Almost Doesn't Count, G
    He should have asked someone else to stay with him, like a dongsaeng he could actually boss around. Somehow his orders turned into requests or evaporated before they'd even been spoken, and Minho defeated every attempt to defy doctor's orders and get some fresh air. 786 words.

  • Trapped, G
    Cornered by fangirls 181 words.

  • Seeing Red, G ♥
    "I can't sleep," Jonghyun says.

    Minho stares at the ceiling, refusing to respond. If he holds really still, if he evens out his breathing --

    "I know you're awake," Jonghyun says. "Talk to me." 325 words.

  • From the Children's Table, PG
    Minho bit his lip, and Jonghyun thought he saw a hint of mirth in his eyes. Don't laugh, he warned him silently. This wedding has been family hell, don't you dare laugh. 315 words.

  • Gen/Bandfic/Non-romantic OT5
  • Keep An Eye On Me, G, spy AU
    Short drabble based on the intro to the first episode of A Bit of Fry And Laurie. 236 words.

  • Untitled Drabble, G
    jinki has never been extremely subtle. he didn't have younger siblings to trick or tease, and it simply never occured to him to lie to his parents. so, to put it mildly, jinki is somewhat at a loss today. 362 words.

  • Check Yes or No, G
    Drabble written for meme. 232 words.

  • Mission Improbable, PG ♥
    It could be worse, Jinki mused. It could always be worse. (spy AU) 474 words.

  • Untitled, PG, c/o: f(x) (spy au)
    "You think they'll call off the protest because of a missing ringleader?" Minho asked. "I kind of think they'll use her as a rallying point."

  • Uncivil War, G ♥
    "I'm staying out of this," Jinki said. "If I start taking sides - I just, I can't, okay? I'm the leader. I think I'm supposed to resolve things like this." 680 words.

  • Two Road Trip Fics, G works-in-progress
    160 and 420 words

  • Gen: superlamepowers series
  • That's Fucked Up, PG, Key

  • Dancing on the Ceiling, G, Jinki

  • I Want to Swim in a Cup of Coffee, G, Jonghyun

  • Solid Like a Wall, G, Minho


  • The One Where Doojoon Died (Sort Of), PG, Doojoon/Hyunseung
    Doojoon goes to sleep in Nairobi and wakes up on the dorm's bathroom floor.

  • On Our Way, PG, Hyunseung/Yoseob
    Hyunseung meets Yoseob in Seoul. AU.

  • Mutiny, PG, gen
    The boys have some demands.

  • Show Me Love, G, Junhyung/Yoseob ♥
    The fans have been giving Yoseob ideas.

  • Early Birds, G, gen
    Well, someone has to get Hyunseung out of bed.

  • Observation, PG, Junhyung, Hyunseung, Kikwang
    when he finally opens up it's surprisingly hard to shut him up. even if there's nothing to say, he fills the space with outrageous exaggerations and bragging lies.


  • Fortress, G, gen
    Sunggyu gets home to find the place has been ransacked.

  • Fashion is Exhausting, G, myungsoo-centric
    Character/scene study. Photoshoot.

  • 2PM

  • Pixelated, G, taecjay
    Written for a video game challenge.

  • Losing Hands, PG, gen
    Don't bet what you can't lose.

  • Note: I've organized this by fandom, but if there's a pairing you're looking for, you can always try the tags. I've tried to keep them organized. The pairings do not necessarily indicate a romantic relationship. If no pairing applies, I may label it gen.

    Related pieces are linked with a story: or au: tag.

    ♥: personal favorites