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SHINee: WIP spy au

Title: untitled spy wip
Pairing/Focus: bandfic
Rating: PG
Summary: The SHINee boys are government agents; f(x) are environmental activists/protesters. This will probably never be finished, but something in the same 'verse might be.

"Alpha team, report."

"In position," Taemin chirped, the sound of the engine roughly turning over in the background. Jonghyun imagined he could hear Taemin tapping a happy rhythm against the steering wheel and made a note to himself to ask Jinki to give that job to someone less likely to enjoy it, next time.

"Beta team, report."

Kibum's quiet laughter filtered over the wire. "Team. What team? It's just me."

"Beta team, report," Jinki insisted.

". . . In position."

"Subject heading northwest on Jeonhwa, passing Shinhan now," Jonghyun said.

"I have a visual," Minho said.

Jonghyun searched his screens for signs of Minho. There he was, heading southeast along the same side of the street, head down and hat pulled low to hide his face.

"Does she have company?"

"No. No tail. She's clean."

"All right, bring her in."

Jonghyun settled back to watch the action. As Jung Soojung passed the narrow alleyway between the post office and the shoe shop, a car crashed into a flower shop across the street. Everyone turned to look, including Soojung, and that's when two men in dark clothes pulled her out of sight. They hurried her down the alley and bundled her into a waiting car. The door closed, and the driver hit the gas. Success.

"Jung Soojung," Minho said, pretending to read the name from his clipboard. Of course he knew all about her.

"Krystal," she said. She gave a tight-lipped smile. "And what's your name?"

"Alias: Krystal Jung," Minho continued. "Part of f(x), known for - "

"Kicking ass?" Soojung suggested.

"Known for leading protests and inciting riots-"

"Hey!" Soojung cut in. "We didn't incite anyone. People don't need encouraging to riot these days, in case you haven't noticed."

Minho looked at her. He didn't stare, didn't quirk an eyebrow, just looked. Finally, Soojung sighed and picked a brick in the wall to stare at. She looked much younger for a moment, a sullen teen being lectured for something she didn't believe was wrong.

Minho turned and left the interrogation room. He joined Jinki and Kibum in Observation.

"You gave up quick," Kibum said. "Can't take a little girl?"

"Did you hear her? She thinks she's the caped crusader, part of the Fantastic Five fighting against The System."

"Four," Jinki murmured.


"Fantastic Four, wasn't it?" Jinki asked. Minho and Kibum stared. "Look, Minho's right. Let her sit for a while. Kibum, go and check with Taemin, see if he's picked up any chatter about a change in plans, now that Krystal hasn't checked in." Kibum nodded curtly and left the room.

"You think they'll call off the protest because of a missing ringleader?" Minho asked. "I kind of think they'll use her as a rallying point."

"They don't know we have her. For all they know she got lost, distracted, or is home in bed, hungover," Jinki said. Minho snorted. "I'm not happy about it either, but you heard the Director. The protests have gotten violent. All the damages are adding up. They're not going to be patient about this, not anymore. They're talking about bringing out the National Guard."

"Against protesters." Minho shook his head. "I miss fighting people who were actually doing harm."

Jinki sighed. "Don't say that around the Director, alright? He'll have you running training sessions for the next six months."

pm me or email me at if you have any requests. no guarantees, as stated elsewhere, but I haven't written in a month.

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