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SHINee: two short ficlets

Title: I Want to Swim in a Cup of Coffee
Focus: Jonghyun-centric
Rating: G
Summary: More superlamepowers fic. If your memory needs jogging take it for a walk - Kibum, Jinki. This is Jonghyun's. 650 words

At some point between his first and second cups of coffee, Jonghyun found himself unable to see over the top of the table. He leaned over the edge of the seat, staring down the now incredible heights of his kitchen chair, then scrambled back in a panic. He saw his mug set down.

"Jonghyun?" Jinki asked. "Well, where did he-"

"Here," Jonghyun said, jumping up and down and waving wildly. "I'm down here."

Jinki leaned across the table, looking past Jonghyun's seat as if he expected to see him on the floor. Jonghyun jumped and waved with both arms, finally catching Jinki's eye. Jinki stared, then abruptly disappeared from view. Jonghyun ducked down and looked under the table to see if Jinki had sat down. "You've got to be kidding." A massive thump sent Jonghyun skipping back toward one of the posts supporting the back of the chair. "You've got. to. be. kidding. me."

"Jinki?" Jonghyun said timidly. "When you're done banging your head on the table, can you lift me up so no one sits on me?" Jinki moaned, but he did come over and let Jonghyun scramble onto his palm and set him gently on the table. Jonghyun circled his coffee cup thoughtfully, trying to figure out how to drink out of it. He wondered if a literal pool of coffee would be considered a caffeine overdose.

The rest of the band trickled into the room. Taemin was the first to notice, scooping Jonghyun up and dropping him into his shirt pocket, just because he could. Jonghyun cried out indignantly and threatened to start pinching anything and everything within reach. Taemin only laughed, so Jonghyun turned and punched Taemin's chest over and over, until he was lifted out and unceremoniously dumped onto the table.

"I see no difference," Kibum shrugged, that bastard, and Jinki and Minho both had to scramble to catch Jonghyun when he tried to lunge right off the table and attack him. Not one of his brighter moments, to be sure, but Jonghyun acknowledged he did tend to let his emotions get the best of him. From time to time.

"Jonghyun, I know you're mad, but please don't commit suicide so early in the morning," Jinki said, taking his mug pouring some coffee into a medicine cup and offering him that instead. Jonghyun could barely lift it, so Jinki took a knife and trimmed the end off a coffee stirrer, giving Jonghyun a straw.

"You're a genius!" Jonghyun said. But he tripped on a napkin on his way across the table, and smacked his chin on a spoon.

Taemin laughed so hard he choked and started to cough, which only set Minho and Kibum laughing, too. In the end the three youngest had to be ushered from the room. Jinki told them they could eat in the living room.

Jonghyun kicked the side of his coffee cup and stubbed his toe.

Jinki pulled up a chair and sat, elbow on the table and chin in his hand. "Jonghyun?" he asked quietly.

Jonghyun stopped trying to ice skate across the dinner plate and looked up. "Yeah, Jinki."

"I dunno," Jinki said. "You need anything?"

"Well, a miniature toilet at some point, but no, I'm good."

"Oh god." Jinki slumped over onto the table. Jonghyun jumped back to stay out of his way, then grabbed two fistfuls of Jinki's sleeve and clambered up the side of his arm. Jinki lifted his head. "That feels so weird. Like a bug is crawling on me."

"Oh, thanks," Jonghyun said. "If you tell me I have a voice like a mosquito, I will punch you in the face."

"Your tiny arms couldn't reach my face," Jinki said, biting back a laugh.

Jonghyun swung a threatening fist, but very graciously decided to let it slide just this once when he realized Jinki was right.

Title: Solid like a Wall
Focus: Minho-centric
Rating: G
Summary: Superlamepowers. Minho. Go. 300 words

The truth was, they'd all been waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or, rather, the other two shoes to drop. Kibum had upper respiratory infection time travel, Jinki had fatigue-induced levitation, and Jonghyun had shrunk. Everyone watched Minho and Taemin with wary eyes.

Minho, as it turned out, was the next to develop something like a strange power.

Kibum had disappeared a few minutes earlier, in the middle of a conversation. They were all waiting for him to get back and finish his sentence. They probably could have gone on with the conversation, in retrospect. Minho was pretty sure that any conversation that started with Kibum declaring there was "no way in hell" would end the same way.

When Kibum reappeared, he stumbled forward, crashing into Minho, hard. Minho fell backwards, windmilling. He tried to catch himself on the wall but it wasn't where he expected, and suddenly he was in the dark. Minho squeezed his eyes shut for a moment.

"Oh my god, Minho!" Kibum cried. "Fuck, where did he go?"

"I'm here," Minho said, and even he could hear the weary resignation in his voice. "Can someone unlock the closet? I can't get out."

"You got there without opening a door, you can get back the same way," Taemin said, showing a surprising stubbornness over it. Minho heard sounds of a scuffle.

"Taemin, let go." Jinki's voice was muffled.

"No. He can do it, make him do it!"

The door opened. Minho squinted, holding a hand out for a little help getting past the piles of shoes and the coats he'd gotten tangled around his feet.

"Life is getting so weird," Kibum said, and brushed Jonghyun's fedora off Minho's shoulder.
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lmao omfg is this what you were working on sladjfhd

"I see no difference," Kibum shrugged, that bastard poor jonghyun ): he will never not be the butt of short jokes ): also taemin keeping jjong in his pocket ahhh cries i want to do that too! >:(

"No. He can do it, make him do it!" lolomg taemin you brat ): i think minho's power is the most useful superlamepower haha

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genuinely fist-pumped *goes off to read*

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ah, the lame superpowers are the best kind.

So yeah, i leave really bad comments. So and avanced apology for that.

Anyhoo: I love your characterisation. Taemin, you brat.

I totally lol'd at "Kibum had upper respiratory infection time travel." My favourite fic quote ever? It's fucking up there.

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fjsdklghajklehlwhgjalhkf pocket sized jonghyun omg

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Jonghyun and his coffee, ide. xD;

"Kibum had upper respiratory infection time travel."

I demand more from the 'verse.
They should be superlameheros!

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one word: WIN. wait make that two: EPIC WIN! :3

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this is all just really great.

[identity profile] 2011-09-06 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
just wonderful superlamepowers :) i can hardly wait to see what powers taemin has- as well as to see how the five of them will cope with this. :)

thank you for sharing~

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these are my favorite fics in the universe, i just thought i'd let you know right now♥ i am so in love with them that if you don't write more someday i will cry bitter tears but anyway - i can't stop laughing at the image of jonghyun drowning in a hot tub of coffee rn and ideky.

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hi! i love you more ♥♥ omg why are you like this?♥ ilu and i hope you feel better soon♥

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hi, i read all of these again to remind you that i am in love with these and i'm demanding and i want a taemin one :( :( :(♥

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because ilu :D :D :D

i'll help youuuu write \o/

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ilumore ilu more! \o/ ♥♥

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and i'll stumble through endless rain! i'll fight raging beasts, thinking only of your locks of hair and mesmerizing eyes! i'll follow the strings of fate, because our everlasting, undying love will keep it strong! one day, i'll find my way. ♥

adflkhg the little details you put into the miniature jonghyun, omg. miniature toilets and agkhl what are these images omg grooooss. it's sort of like humanity, isn't it, but a tad worse. and it took me a while to figure out what had happened to minho, but one i did, just oh. see, this is when writing becomes more important than food: when it brings smiles and joy of happiness to other people's faces. you agree, right. :|