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SHINee: this post is an experiment

This is a WIP post for all the fics that are currently dead in the water. (Well no, not all, because that would be a depressingly long post.) I'm kicking them out, washing my hands of them, doing a bit of springfall cleaning - you get the picture. Some don't have titles, or have working titles that don't make any sense.

Title: Kraken
Focus: Jinki/Minho
Rating: G

Jinki was being strangled.

He gasped for air, wrapped up in the tendrils of some great, green sea monster. He struggled and thrashed, but it only gripped tighter.

He woke when he fell out of bed. He was wrapped so tightly in his blankets that at first all he managed was to inch toward the door. He flailed around as quietly as possible, mindful of the two boys sleeping not far away. Finally, he got one arm out to push himself up so he could start to unwind his tethers.

Suddenly, Minho. He leaned over Jinki with a fond, sleepy smile. "Shh, hyung, it's only me." He hooked his arms under Jinki's and tried to haul him up, but the floor was slippery and Jinki was still tangled in his blankets, so all Minho really managed to do was to get them both partially out the door and into the hall before falling on his ass, dragging a very startled Jinki along for the ride.

Jinki turned himself over and crawled and wriggled his way out of the blankets. He scooped them up and dumped them in a pile on his bed, then extended a hand to Minho to help him up.

"Sorry," Minho whispered. Taemin stirred so Jinki ushered him out toward the kitchen.

"It's okay," he said, blinking as his eyes adjusted to the light. "Thanks for the help."

Minho shrugged and pulled a cup from the dishwasher. He inspected it,

"I think those dishes are clean," Jinki offered.

and set it on the counter. He took out a second glass and lifted his eyebrows at Jinki.

"Yeah, sure," Jinki nodded and fetched a water pitcher from the refrigerator. Minho didn't ask, just leaned against the counter and watched him pour, but Jinki was embarrassed. "It was pirates or something. I don't really know. Isn't it funny how quickly dreams fade? But it was on the water. And then this thing, it grabbed me, and I couldn't get away. And then I woke up on the floor and I was all wrapped up."

"Like a roll of kimbap," Minho said.

"Yes, like - hey," Jinki frowned. "I am not something for you to eat."

"No, you're just something that burrows into his blankets and gets himself all tangled and then has nightmares about it." Minho drained his glass and set it in the sink.

"Goodnight, Minho," Jinki said. "Thanks for rescuing me."

"Yeah, from pirates, was it?"

Jinki nodded. "Why?"

Minho shrugged. "Goodnight, hyung," he said, squeezing Jinki's shoulder on his way out.

Jinki stumbled back to bed shortly after, half asleep before his head even hit the pillow.

Title: Uncivil War
Focus: Jinki-centric bandfic?
Rating: G

They're all mischievous. They spend a lot of time together, and it's not so much that they find each other boring, but eventually even stardom has it's days of "oh, right, this again." Routine creeps into everything, and they're young and they're restless and that sometimes translates into practical jokes. And they're all so damned competitive that it often escalates.

"You won't get away with this, Choi!" Jonghyun cries the time Minho did that really horrible thing that is so horrible we won't speak of it right now.

Kibum is disturbingly unflappable, borrowing clothes from the rest of them when they take his suitcase and exchange it with Luna's while they're in LA, pulling on a hat and sunglasses to make a Starbucks run when they put orange juice in the coffee machine, and seamlessly switching between phones whenever one of them happens to go "missing."

Taemin walks out and Jinki tries to follow, but Jonghyun shoves him back down with a firm hand on his shoulder.

"But I don't want to mega-prank Kibum," he protests. "He doesn't care and his revenge is always worse than anything you could think of."

"I'll come up with something good this time," Jonghyun says.

"Ha, right," Minho chuckles. "Stick with me, hyung, I'll take care of this."

"What, you think you're better than me?"

"Of course."

"Are you teaming up against Kibum or are you competing over who can prank Kibum?" Jinki asks.

"Yes," they chorus.

Jinki flops backwards onto his bed. "Tell me when it's over."

"Jinki, you have to help me," Jonghyun pleaded. "I have to beat Minho."

"I'm staying out of this," Jinki said. "If I start taking sides - I just, I can't, okay? I'm the leader. I think I'm supposed to resolve things like this."

"No, you're supposed to support the members you love the most," Jonghyun said. "Unless - do you like Minho better than me?"

"What? No - I mean - I - what?" There was no good way to answer this question. If Jinki said he liked Jonghyun better, Minho would hear about it and who knew what kind of schemes lurked behind that placid facade. If he said he liked Minho better, Jonghyun would probably kill him, here and now.

"I knew it," Jonghyun said, narrowing his eyes. "You have a thing for quiet dongsaengs. I can be quiet!"

"Oh, you cannot," Jinki scoffed. He slung an arm around Jonghyun's neck and tugged him down. "I like you despite that."

"So you do like me best!" Jonghyun crowed. Jinki rolled his eyes.

"Jinki-hyung likes me best, always has done," Taemin said from the doorway.

"Yes," Jinki nodded, clinging to what seemed to be a conversational lifeboat. "I like him best." Jonghyun pushed him away, scowling. "Well, I mean, oh come on, Jonghyun, I don't know who I like best. You're all different and I love all of you so can we just not start a SHINee civil war or anything? I'd really appreciate that."

"Yeah, whatever you say, hyung," Jonghyun sighed.


"Jonghyun says you said you like Taemin better than you like me," Minho said the next morning. "Hyung," he pouted. "I'm hurt."

"I am not having this conversation again," Jinki said. "I'm just not."


Taemin pounced when Jinki was walking from the bathroom to his bedroom. "Hyung, Minho says you said you like him better than me. How can you say that? We've known each other forever."

"Taemin, you should know better than to listen to Minho in the mornings."


"Group meeting. Are we all assembled? Okay. I am saying this once and once only. I love all of you equally. You are all . . . unique. And whatever your foibles, I've gotten used to them. So no more of this 'Jinki-hyung likes me best' nonsense, alright?"

"Of course," Kibum said. "Because clearly, if you did have a favorite, it would be me."

Everyone stared.


Title: Catastrophic Weather
Focus: Jonghyun/Onew
Rating: PG?

Jonghyun knocked but opened the door without waiting for a response. "Hyung?"

Jinki was sprawled out on his bed, iPod held loosely in one hand. He tipped his head back to look in Jonghyun's direction. "Hey."

"Hey." Jonghyun smiled. Jinki looked different like this. Not the composed, polite, deferential Jinki - Onew - that Jonghyun thought he'd seen too much lately. This was Jinki relaxed, disheveled, and smiling at him like he'd gotten away with something. This was the Jinki that Jonghyun found himself missing sometimes, when their days were just too busy for him to ever really let go of his persona.

"A day off."

"Catastrophic weather. We'll probably lose power soon. Half of Seoul already has."

"Don't care," Jinki said, grinning. "It's a day off."

Jonghyun pushed himself away from the door, closing it gently behind himself. "So, what do you want to do? Kibum's creating or something, and Minho and Taem are on the third race of their MarioKart tournament."

"I kind of just want to relax."

Jonghyun hummed. "That sounds nice. Is 'relax' code for sleep, or do you actually want to do something?"

Jinki laughed. "You are the most energetic lazy person I've ever met."

"I'm not lazy!" Jonghyun cried, but there was no sting behind his words. "Having fun is good for the soul."

"Mm," Jinki agreed. He pushed himself up and over, leaving room for Jonghyun to sit down. Jonghyun took the invitation and sat, one leg hanging off the bed, leaning back on his hands.

"So?" he poked Jinki's thigh. Jinki slapped at his hand, so he poked again, slightly lower, just out of reach. "So?"

Jinki groaned. "Go join the MarioKart tournament."

"I want to play with you," Jonghyun said stubbornly.

"I have a good game," Jinki said suddenly, tone brightening. Jonghyun perked up. "It's called Go-Away-and-Let-Me-Sleep."

Jonghyun smiled. "I have a better game. Turn over."

"Hide and seek?" Jinki asked, obediently turning over onto his stomach, hiding his face. "I'll be 'it,' you go hide."

Jonghyun shook his head. "Do you really want me to go?" he asked softly.

Jinki twisted around to look at him. "Not if you don't try to make me leave this bed."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Jonghyun said, crawling up and tugging and pushing until he had Jinki in the middle of the bed. He pushed the heels of his hands into the space between Jinki's shoulder blades, relishing the deep moan that drew.

"Don't have to," Jinki mumbled. Lifting his head up out of his pillow, "You don't have to."

"I know," Jonghyun said lightly. He pushed Jinki's head back down. "Relax."

Jinki said something around the pillow.


More mumbling.

Jonghyun sighed, pushing himself over onto one knee to allow Jinki room to roll over.

"I said," Jinki started, but stopped when Jonghyun leaned in close, dropping his right leg back down to the bed, and bringing their bodies much, much closer. "Um. Hi?"

"You said hello earlier," Jonghyun reminded him, lowering himself another inch.

Jinki laughed lightly. "Right," he said. He seemed confused, which was okay, but not terrified, which was good, and was definitely not throwing Jonghyun off or screaming profanities, which was even better.

"I thought of a game," Jonghyun said. He waited until Jinki opened his mouth to reply before ducking down and kissing him soundly, waiting out the surprise and hesitation until Jinki's lips pressed up against his. He caught the first syllable of Jinki's response and swallowed it along with his own quietly pleased hum. His whole body thrummed with pleasure when Jinki's eyes slid shut and he reached up, hands on Jonghyun's hips, pulling him closer.

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