04 September 2011 @ 11:50 pm
SHINee: this post is an experiment, part 2  
More WIPs - this is supposed to inspire me to finish or enable me to let them drop. Not sure if it's worked.

Title: It hasn't got one. it's "shinee kidfic" in the files.
Focus: Tiny Jinki
Rating: Oh so very G

Jinki meets Jonghyun when he gets placed in the wrong class accidentally. )

Title: SHINee's Grand Adventure
Focus: bandfic, possibly Jonghyun-centric?
Rating: G
So, this one takes a bit of explaining. For some reason I was thinking about SHINee and Winnie the Pooh and then:

the wall of text from a chat log that doesn't excuse this at all )

Yeah, it's okay, I'm not really sure, either. So then we have the beginnings to two road-trip fics:

Day Off Fic, 160w )

Title: Road Trips are Paved with Good Intentions
Focus: Taemin-centric bandfic
Rating: G

Road Trips Are Paved with Good Intentions, 420w )