shinee: oh, doctor

Oh, Doctor. onho g
this is just for practice. somehow i always forget how to do this.

jinki and minho, sitting on the couch, watching bad tv )

shinee: goodnight, jinki

goodnight, jinki
jongyu, pg
(written all in one go the first time. slightly edited, still lapslock because i don't care.)

the dvd's still spinning )

SHINee: Formalehyde and Friends

Formaldehyde and Friends
(that's taking alliteration too far, isn't it?)
ontae, high school au (also shifted their ages a tiny bit), pg

A girl used to have that seat, the boy behind him says. She's dead now. )

SHINee: wingman (onho, bro!jongho)

wingman, onho, bro!jongho
pg-13 for "let's get minho laid" themes
AU. Jonghyun is going to wingman. Minho thinks this is a problem, since Jonghyun still thinks that Minho's into ladies.

Jonghyun has made it his mission to find Minho someone to fuck. )

SHINee: drabble challenge: accusation

accusation, jongyu
A bit directionless. Involves one-sided drinking.

I know it was you )

SHINee: drabble challenge: sunset.

Sunset, ontae
Very quickly written, but all I have time for today.
(Who else read the Singles interview and then really wanted Onew-centric fic? This is not it.)
Jinki goes, Taemin follows.

If I have even a little bit of free time, I always go out of the dorm. )

SHINee: drabble challenge: formal

formal, jongyu
Poooooossibly a meeting for the scientists au? I've tagged it, but I'll untag it if it turns out to be something independent. Can be read alone, anyway.
Mostly a counter-attack against [ profile] jarnscye's sad thing and a perhaps belated birthday wish to [ profile] jonghyun, whose birthday it is, or was.

Jonghyun is playing a formal dinner, and Jinki is attending. AU.

Black tie affairs are stifling )

SHINee: scientists au.

Proceed with Caution
Inspired by a short article in last week's New Scientist about "smart carpet" that could know your footsteps, be aware of mobility problems, and even warn for intruders. Written on twitter and typed up here. Currently short, aiming high and long. I'm still building the world and story in my head, but here's an intro.

This is an experiment. )

SHINee, misc. requests and drabbles

Still trying to get back in the habit. Turns out a day or two every few months is not enough to keep the writing skills from rusting.

Jongyu (1) )

Jongyu+Minho )

Three Sentence Challenge Responses: Jongyu, Ontae )

Onjongho....tae )

SHINee: Request fic, Jongyu (untitled)

Jongyu, PG for swears, 515 words
untitled, (or that time I wrote about toenails)
First fic off my request post
Prompt: this, from Post Secret.

You do it. )

SHINee: You and I, We Could Just Sit in the Dark

you and i, we could just sit in the dark
jongyu, vampires, r
a/n: this was a vehicle to tell vampire jokes, what the fuck happened?
massive thanks to [personal profile] kordella, who was helpful and ever so patient.
thanks as well to envinae @ tumblr, whose edits helped inspire me to finish this thing.

Sitting this close he could hear Jinki's heart thumping in his chest, could practically feel the vibrations. )

SHINee: au wip

(eventual) jongyu, college au
This one's been in the works since last spring or summer. I'm not ruling it out, but I'm not getting anywhere with it and I think it's been posted on the meme once already. Might as well put it here.

Backstory: Jinki is in college and a regular at the coffee shop where Jonghyun works. They've been hanging out outside of Jonghyun's work now, but they're not together.

He woke with Jinki's arm hanging heavily over his arm, pinning him down. )

SHINee: Ontae, Jongyu, Jongkey drabbles

Chutes and Ladders
ontae, g
prompt from [ profile] badwolf_x

Hyu-ung! )

It's a mystery (an unsolved mystery)
jongyu, g
prompt from [ profile] jarnscye, who will get a proper mystery story out of me one day, but not today.

I swear I didn't do it )

Cold Kisses
Jongkey, g
Notes: Home sick last weekend, went looking for the fic meme. (It's moved to dreamwidth! As have I.) Found a prompt thread, took this prompt: Jongkey smooches, and:

Kibum huffs out a breath and watches it crystallize in front of him. )

A/N: I am moving to dreamwidth. This post is mirrored there:

The rest of the comm will be imported soon.

SHINee: Over the Stairs (SBB 2011) [1/2]

Title: Over the Stairs
Author: [ profile] acousticscenery
Pairing/Focus: Jongyu
Rating: PG-13
Final word count: 19,900
Summary: Jinki meets Jonghyun. Again.
"I don't mean to interrupt your thought processes here," the man who was possibly not Jonghyun said, "but who are you, and how did you get into my apartment?"
Notes: Thank you so much to everyone who had such nice things to say. A huge, huge thank you to my beta and butt-kicker, [ profile] pause, without whom. ♥
The version I've posted here has been edited several times since it was submitted to [ profile] shineebigbang. It is a little longer, and hopefully a couple scenes are a little smoother.

Over the Stairs (Part 1/2) )

SHINee: Over the Stairs (SBB 2011) [2/2]

Title: Over the Stairs
Author: [ profile] acousticscenery
Pairing/Focus: Jongyu
Rating: PG-13
Final word count: 19,900
Summary: Jinki meets Jonghyun. Again.

Over the Stairs (Part 2/2) )

SHINee: What if we . . . ?

What If We . . . ?
Jinki & Minho (sometimes together, sometimes not, all various AUs and other absurd situations)
G to PG-13
Just trying to get back into writing, for fandom and as a habit in general. This is a series of unrelated drabbles.

What if )