shinee: oh, doctor

Oh, Doctor. onho g
this is just for practice. somehow i always forget how to do this.

jinki and minho, sitting on the couch, watching bad tv )

SHINee: drabble challenge: sunset.

Sunset, ontae
Very quickly written, but all I have time for today.
(Who else read the Singles interview and then really wanted Onew-centric fic? This is not it.)
Jinki goes, Taemin follows.

If I have even a little bit of free time, I always go out of the dorm. )

SHINee, misc. requests and drabbles

Still trying to get back in the habit. Turns out a day or two every few months is not enough to keep the writing skills from rusting.

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Jongyu+Minho )

Three Sentence Challenge Responses: Jongyu, Ontae )

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SHINee: au wip

(eventual) jongyu, college au
This one's been in the works since last spring or summer. I'm not ruling it out, but I'm not getting anywhere with it and I think it's been posted on the meme once already. Might as well put it here.

Backstory: Jinki is in college and a regular at the coffee shop where Jonghyun works. They've been hanging out outside of Jonghyun's work now, but they're not together.

He woke with Jinki's arm hanging heavily over his arm, pinning him down. )

SHINee: Ontae, Jongyu, Jongkey drabbles

Chutes and Ladders
ontae, g
prompt from [ profile] badwolf_x

Hyu-ung! )

It's a mystery (an unsolved mystery)
jongyu, g
prompt from [ profile] jarnscye, who will get a proper mystery story out of me one day, but not today.

I swear I didn't do it )

Cold Kisses
Jongkey, g
Notes: Home sick last weekend, went looking for the fic meme. (It's moved to dreamwidth! As have I.) Found a prompt thread, took this prompt: Jongkey smooches, and:

Kibum huffs out a breath and watches it crystallize in front of him. )

A/N: I am moving to dreamwidth. This post is mirrored there:

The rest of the comm will be imported soon.

SHINee: this post is an experiment, part 2

More WIPs - this is supposed to inspire me to finish or enable me to let them drop. Not sure if it's worked.

Title: It hasn't got one. it's "shinee kidfic" in the files.
Focus: Tiny Jinki
Rating: Oh so very G

Jinki meets Jonghyun when he gets placed in the wrong class accidentally. )

Title: SHINee's Grand Adventure
Focus: bandfic, possibly Jonghyun-centric?
Rating: G
So, this one takes a bit of explaining. For some reason I was thinking about SHINee and Winnie the Pooh and then:

the wall of text from a chat log that doesn't excuse this at all )

Yeah, it's okay, I'm not really sure, either. So then we have the beginnings to two road-trip fics:

Day Off Fic, 160w )

Title: Road Trips are Paved with Good Intentions
Focus: Taemin-centric bandfic
Rating: G

Road Trips Are Paved with Good Intentions, 420w )

SHINee: two short ficlets

Title: I Want to Swim in a Cup of Coffee
Focus: Jonghyun-centric
Rating: G
Summary: More superlamepowers fic. If your memory needs jogging take it for a walk - Kibum, Jinki. This is Jonghyun's. 650 words

Life isn't fair when you're short )

Title: Solid like a Wall
Focus: Minho-centric
Rating: G
Summary: Superlamepowers. Minho. Go. 300 words

This kind of thing happens all the time, I'm sure )

SHINee: Pickpockets

Title: Pickpockets
Focus: loosely onho
Rating: G
Summary: Prompted by and written for two onho anons on the meme (♥), after a long conversation about this picture.
Jinki doesn't get along with a key, Minho's luck isn't much better. Taemin and Key get special mention for being brats. 800 words.

Key, Minho whispers. )

SHINee: Dancing on the Ceiling

Title: Dancing on the Ceiling
Focus: Jinki-centric, gen
Rating: G
Summary: superlamepowers!au (Yes, this has turned into a series of sorts. Kibum Jonghyun Minho). Jinki's (obnoxious lame useless) power has him turned upside down.

Some mornings are more difficult than others. )

SHINee: Jjongcub

Title: Jjongcub
Focus: Onew and Jonghyun (AU)
Rating: G
Summary: Jinki is a zookeeper. Jonghyun is his favorite charge, a lion. 2500wds. Previously posted here because it began as a challenge response. I needed a break from other fics, so I've edited and added to it.

The phone rang at 3 a.m. )

SHINee: seeing red

Title: Seeing Red
Pairing: Jonghyun/Minho
Rating: G
Summary: Jonghyun can't sleep. He expects Minho to do something about it.

jonghyun can't sleep. )

SHINee: Dinosaurs

Title: Dinosaurs
Focus: Jonghyun and Onew, pint-sized
Rating: G
Summary: Kidfic, short scene from an inside joke.

silliness )

SHINee: Almost Doesn't Count

Title: Almost Doesn't Count
Focus: Jonghyun/Minho
Rating: G
Summary: Jonghyun is restless. Semi-AU, Jonghyun has had his leg surgery but this takes place outside of SHINee.

Jonghyun stared balefully out the window )

B2ST: early birds

Title: Early Birds
Focus: Junhyung, Hyunseung
Rating: G
Summary: Hyunseung is difficult to wake up in the mornings. A short piece on early morning dorm chaos. 600+ words

Spoiled food basketball )

B2ST: show me love

Title: Show me love
Focus: Junhyung, Yoseob
Rating: G
Summary: The fans have been giving Yoseob ideas.

Show me love )

SHINee: hear your smile

Title: hear your smile
Focus: Jonghyun and Jinki
Rating: G
Summary: Jonghyun notices something about Jinki.

But what do you hear when you listen to silence? )