shinee: goodnight, jinki

goodnight, jinki
jongyu, pg
(written all in one go the first time. slightly edited, still lapslock because i don't care.)

the dvd's still spinning )

SHINee: Formalehyde and Friends

Formaldehyde and Friends
(that's taking alliteration too far, isn't it?)
ontae, high school au (also shifted their ages a tiny bit), pg

A girl used to have that seat, the boy behind him says. She's dead now. )

SHINee: drabble challenge: accusation

accusation, jongyu
A bit directionless. Involves one-sided drinking.

I know it was you )

SHINee: drabble challenge: formal

formal, jongyu
Poooooossibly a meeting for the scientists au? I've tagged it, but I'll untag it if it turns out to be something independent. Can be read alone, anyway.
Mostly a counter-attack against [ profile] jarnscye's sad thing and a perhaps belated birthday wish to [ profile] jonghyun, whose birthday it is, or was.

Jonghyun is playing a formal dinner, and Jinki is attending. AU.

Black tie affairs are stifling )

SHINee: scientists au.

Proceed with Caution
Inspired by a short article in last week's New Scientist about "smart carpet" that could know your footsteps, be aware of mobility problems, and even warn for intruders. Written on twitter and typed up here. Currently short, aiming high and long. I'm still building the world and story in my head, but here's an intro.

This is an experiment. )

SHINee: Request fic, Jongyu (untitled)

Jongyu, PG for swears, 515 words
untitled, (or that time I wrote about toenails)
First fic off my request post
Prompt: this, from Post Secret.

You do it. )

SHINee: this post is an experiment

This is a WIP post for all the fics that are currently dead in the water. (Well no, not all, because that would be a depressingly long post.) I'm kicking them out, washing my hands of them, doing a bit of springfall cleaning - you get the picture. Some don't have titles, or have working titles that don't make any sense.

Title: Kraken
Focus: Jinki/Minho
Rating: G

Jinki was being strangled. 450w )

Title: Uncivil War
Focus: Jinki-centric bandfic?
Rating: G

No one ever wins a prank war. 680w )

Title: Catastrophic Weather
Focus: Jonghyun/Onew
Rating: PG?

Jonghyun knocked. 630w )

SHINee: WIP spy au

Title: untitled spy wip
Pairing/Focus: bandfic
Rating: PG
Summary: The SHINee boys are government agents; f(x) are environmental activists/protesters. This will probably never be finished, but something in the same 'verse might be.

Alpha team, report )

kpfm 10: miscellaneous

All the things I posted at the meme this round.

Title: untitled Jongyu college au
Pairing/Focus: Jongyu
Status: work-in-progress
Rating: PG

snippet from a morning after a night out )

Title: From the Children's Table
Pairing/Focus: Jongho
Status: challenge response, tentatively on wip list.
Rating: PG

Family weddings are a special kind of hell )

Title: untitled onho wip
Pairing/Focus: Onho
Status: work-in-progress
Rating: G

Minho tried to follow )

SHINee: Mission Improbable

Title: Mission Improbable
Focus: Jinki-centric
Rating: PG
Summary: AU, SHINee spies. Jinki looks on the bright side.
Notes: Written for the prompt "There are worse things than being tied to the banister." There may be more of this, but not for a while.

It could be worse. )

SHINee: Jongyu shortfic

Title: How to Say No
Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: PG

How to Say No )

Title: Saturday Mornings
Pairing: Jongyu
Rating: PG

Saturday Mornings )

SHINee: that's fucked up

Title: That's Fucked Up
Focus: all five of them
Rating: PG(-13 for swears?)
Summary: shortfic; I felt like picking on Kibum again, apparently. lapslock edited.

Taemin is serious, Minho is vaguely horrified, Kibum is abused. Jinki and Jonghyun escape unscathed. )

kpfm 08 things

Some of them are slightly edited, some of them haven't been touched at all. (Sorry for the repost, I wanted the chance to really edit them. Still need work, but I have to go and I wanted to post them today.)

jongyu )
beast )
jongho )
shinee )
jongyu )
jjongcub )

SHINee: In Which Kibum Shocks Everyone

Title: In Which Kibum Shocks Everyone (Multiple Times)
Focus: Kibum-centric with some Onkey on the side
Rating: PG
Summary: An unusual week in the SHINee dorm. Kibum wakes up with an electrical problem. Everyone tries to help, in his own way.
A lot of work went into this one, and it probably would have been left in my incomplete files if it weren't for the ever helpful, encouraging, absolutely amazing [ profile] itachibana13. (Thank you, so much ♥) However, all mistakes are mine.

Kibum's never at his best early in the morning. )

B2ST: Mutiny

Title: Mutiny
Focus: ot6
Rating: PG if you're concerned about words like 'shit'
Summary: The boys have some demands. Doojoon isn't listening.
Just a little something I wrote while trying to get back in the habit of writing. I hope to have some more substantial stuff up soon. Written in approximately 10 minutes with prompts: trash can, road block, dirty dishes.

There are rumblings of mutiny. )

SHINee: Steady [expanded version]

Title: Steady [expanded version]
Pairing: Onew/Key
Rating: PG
Summary: Jinki comes home drunk sometimes. Kibum is always there waiting for him. 1249w, edited.

Jinki fumbled with the panel )

SHINee: steady

Title: Steady
Pairing: Onew/Key, if you're looking for it
Rating: PG
Summary: Jinki comes home drunk sometimes. 264w, edited. Expanded and hopefully improved version here.

Jinki fumbled with the panel )

B2ST: The One Where Doojoon Died (sort of)

Title: The One Where Doojoon Died (sort of)
Pairing: Doojoon, Hyunseung
Rating: PG
Summary: Doojoon wakes up on the bathroom floor, and realizes he's dead.
Author's Notes: Crack, written for a friend who wanted some Dooseung. It's just... random. I don't know. Originally posted here.

Doojoon falls asleep in Nairobi, and wakes up in Seoul. )